SOLVO at ‘Digital Technology in Port Industry & Logistics’ Seminar

7 April 2017

April 6th - SOLVO took part in discussion of digital technologies in the port industry within the framework of German Week. The seminar titled “Digital Technology in Port Industry & Logistics” was organized by Port Hamburg Marketing, the Russian-German Chamber of Trade, and Osteuropaverein, where General Director, Elena A. Grebenschikova presented a report on modern technologies and trends of logistics automation. 


Grebenschikova discussed the development of information technologies in Russian ports, explaining how process automation helps raise their competitiveness, which is especially relevant today as container flows are becoming increasingly unpredictable while supply of shipping companies is evidently exceeding demand. 

Some of the new technologies for raising productivity at ports and terminals include cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service; VGM block for automating container mass verification prior to shipping; berth planning modules, CHE movement optimization to minimize empty runs; new capabilities for managing rail operations including container train planning and others. 


One particular area of interest for attendees was so-called “smart” application, which SOLVO has developed for mobile devices, capable of displaying key performance indicators in real time and helping management make decisions on-the-fly. 

The report concluded with a word on the fruitful cooperation between SOLVO and Hamburg Port Consulting company with Grebenschikova expressing gratitude to Torsten Noybert, IT operations consultant at Hamburg Port Consulting for his help with the implementation of Solvo.TOS at Port Bronka.

For more details about the conference, go here.