Industry-specific supply chain execution solutions based on Solvo.WMS platform for effective management of warehouses of any type, regardless the turnover, number of SKUs, existing level of automation, types of invenory or type of operation (DC, finished goods, etc)

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Comprehensive software solutions based on Solvo.TOS for various types of facilities including marine and inland container terminals, mixed cargo terminals, Ro-Ro facilities, conventional cargo facilities, port authorities and cargo-freight stations. The solutions cover the entire spectrum of objectives - from real-time management of operations to document flow and business activity.
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The Solvo.SCE platform includes such SOLVO solutions and services as:

Marine Container Terminal Management
Terminal-specific TOS
Marine Container Terminal Management; Inland Container Terminal Management; Break-Bulk, Ro-Ro and Bulk Management.
Inland Container Terminal Management
Industry-specific WMS
Warehouse Management Solutions for Retail and DCs, Manufacturing, 3PL, Pharmaceutical, Postal & Delivery, Logistics Centers.
Break-Bulk, Ro-Ro and Bulk Management
Yard Management Solutions (YMS)
YMS solutions are to provide convenient interaction of all participants in the processes of transport and warehouse logistics, as well as to provide comfortable planning and operational management of the trucks processing at the warehouse yard or cargo terminal gate.
Break-Bulk, Ro-Ro and Bulk Management

SOLVO is ready to help our customers develop their business offering a wide range of services ranging from consulting, warehouse process optimization to implementation and technical support.  Works are carried out based on specially developed technology, with which the product is adapted and customized according to client demands, and includes personnel training and field testing.

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