Terminal Operating Software

Comprehensive solution based on Solvo.TOS for container terminal management (maritime and inland), intermodal transshipment complexes, ports, yards, and freight stations. The solution covers the entire spectrum of objectives: from management of operations at the terminal to document flow and business activity. It also integrates such technologies as EDI, KPI, AutoID, OCR, DGPS, and more.

Warehouse Management Software

Industry SCE-class (supply chain execution) solution designed for effective process control at any type of warehouses, regardless turnover and volume. Our specialized hardware-software complex solution, comprised of various software, modules, and equipment, is based on industry best practices and over 20 years of experience. Solvo.WMS serves as the core of every solution, which is then tailored to a specific warehouse.

Solvo offers a number of solutions for remote identification of goods and cargo in real-time using Wi-Fi, bar coding, RFID, Voice, RTLS and more, for all types of industries: retail, transportation, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc.