Logistics consulting

Consulting services offered by SOLVO


The quickest yet one of the most effective types of consulting. Work duration can comprise from 1 week (express-audit) up to 1 month.

Audit procedure steps:

  1. Current situation analysis at the warehouse and development of target performance indicators for the warehouse;
  2. Development of recommendations to boost warehouse efficiency;
  3. Developer supervision - control of recommendation implementation and progress towards target performance (this is an additional services performed upon client request).

Audit types:

  • Logistics
Analysis and optimization of cargo flows and technology at the warehouse without changing infrastructure (racks, equipment etc.) and warehouse resources (contents, work shifts);
  • Technological
Analysis and optimization of warehouse infrastructure and resources, while cargo flow configuration and warehouse technology is not changed.
  • Complex
Analysis and optimization of warehouse infrastructure, resources as well as the technology used.
  • WMS performance analysis 
Detection of inconsistencies in system workflow based on current characteristics and work conditions to ensure that the WMS is being used to its fullest potential.

Upon completion of the audit, it is possible to order the developer supervision service, which can last for up to 1 year. To do this, an implementation recommendations plan is first developed, after which it monitored to ensure that the desired results are achieved. 

Warehouse engineering design development

This is a series of subsequent jobs to develop and agree upon a set of work documentation required for the construction/reconstruction project and launch of the warehouse complex into operation.

It serves as the foundation for further cooperation with contracting organizations involved in the project (contractors, suppliers, installation engineers). Work duration is from 3 to 6 months depending on multiple factors such as if there is a land plot or whether it is just the building itself.

Warehouse engineering design development steps:

  • Development of operating requirements.
What do we want to achieve and how must it work? An analysis of the client's business process, current and projected cargo flow, specifics of warehouse assortment, document flow etc.
  • Development of various warehouse concept options, selection and confirmation of the preliminary warehouse project design. 
Development of two concepts: "economy", corresponding to the minimum requirements and "maximum" option in some cases, restricted by territory size, building or client request.
  • Creation of a work documentation set.
Development of the warehouse engineering design in accordance with the agreed upon preliminary project.
  • Developer supervision.
Control of recommendation implementation and progress towards target performance