Logistics training


We gained a lot of experience in the past 20 years conducting educational events related to logistics. For example, SOLVO holds accompanying training for optimizing specific warehouse processes using state-of-the-art automation tools – voice-picking, RFID, pick-to-cart, and more. We also hold general seminars related to warehouse and port logistics.

In 2015, we organized both paid and free seminars across Russia (Moscow, Krasnodar, Samara, Vladivostok, and Novosibirsk), as well as webinars related to logistics.


SOLVO, in partnership with Datalogic, have a track-record for holding unique WMS-tours across Russian cities. 

Free seminars for logistics specialists were held in Novosibirsk, Samara, Krasnodar, and Vladivostok. Over 50 people took part in the event from various regions of Russia.  

The main objective of the tour is to explain the opportunities offered by WMS-systems based on specific examples and case-studies. 


SOLVO holds free webinars covering practical issues in logistics. For example, the webinar titled “7 reasons NOT to implement a WMS-system” was very successful and attracted much interest from participants. The webinar focused on the seven common myths of why NOT to implement a WMS system. One of the most common myths, for example, is that a WMS-system is expensive. 

Such events are intended for a wide range of specialists working in the warehouse logistics field. The webinar was especially interesting for: 

  • Those who have only heard of WMS systems; 

  • Those skeptical of WMS systems; 

  • Those in the process of choosing a WMS system.