General issues

  • The WMS is integrated with the accounting system via a special gateway. The gateway operations include the following functions:

    • receiving messages from the host system gateway in XML format;
    • checking incoming information;
    • recording received data in the management system database;
    • transmitting information and/or operational messages to other management system components;
    • creating messages for the host system in XML format (in accordance with the interface);
    • creating error messages upon their detection.

  • The project includes a 12 month warranty with technical support. In the post-warranty period, the customer can sign an agreement to extend the warranty with 3 possible levels of assistance (SLA). During the warranty period, you can choose whether to extend it, and what level of service you would prefer (24 hour hotline, online support etc.). The calculation of the warranty costs includes the number of active system users (user licenses).
  • Data about actual receiving and shipped goods, remaining stock and its quality (synchronization of remaining stock). Additionally, data regarding warehouse operations can also be transmitted.
  • Within the scope of the project, the customer's personnel must pass through mandatory training on how to work with the system. Our company does not hold training for specific cases outside the project's scope. If necessary, we can organize additional training after system implementation (for example, in the event personnel is changed). 
  • Solvo.WMS is based on three key concepts:

    • Closed program code
    • Open system
    • Global license for project

    This means that the program code is owned by SOLVO. The system can be made configurable for the specially trained customer's personnel (this training is carried out within the scope of the project) to the extent of the mutually agreed upon project specifications. In other words, the system is open for you to the extent that is required for fully fledged commercial operation and configuration without programmer involvement.

    Normally, this is the customization of the facility's topology (adding/modifying storage locations, changing their properties) and configuration of logic for all warehouse operations from receiving to shipping (putway rules, compatibility rules, planning rules, etc.). Additionally, it is possible to connect external subsystems for generating reports (table descriptions are provided), configuring interface forms, work rule, personnel privileges in the system, and more.

For Ports (SOLVO.TOS)

  • The cost of system implementation consists of costs for software (licenses) and implementation services. The exact cost can be determined after receiving information about your port based on the filled-in questionnaire, available on our website.

For Warehouses (SOLVO.WMS)