TOS implementation


This stage involves the development of technical specifications, which detail the technology behind the terminal operating system. To do this, we send our analysts to the work site. They analyze the requirements that may not be supported by the system and develop ways to resolve these discrepancies. Specifications and requirements for the interface are then developed in cooperation with the Customer for integrating the system with the accounting or ERP systems.

System configuration

The system configuration stage is carried out in accordance with the technical specifications. The given stage involves the following:  
  • Introduction of terminal topology into the System;
  • Entry of reference information (reference lists);
  • System configuration;
  • Development of additional functions;
  • Development and testing of the extended interface;
  • System assembly and testing;
  • Technical documentation preparation.


The given stage includes the following:

  • Equipment configuration;
  • System software configuration;
  • Terminal preparation (zone marking, addressing etc.);
  • Personnel training;
  • System testing;
  • System field testing;
  • Additional configuration
  • Follow-up configuration based on testing results;
  • Launch into commercial operation.