RBK Spotlights SOLVO’s Hi-Tech Warehouse Solutions

23 April 2018

April 12 - RBK recently published an article highlighting the latest warehouse automation technologies for 3PL operators from SOLVO. 

Based on the example, Sherland, one of the biggest 3PL operators in Moscow, the article notes that today’s warehouse operators can now easily simplify processes and increase productivity.

Since 2002, 2 Sherland warehouses have been operating under Solvo.WMS. With a total area of 49,000 square meters and a capacity of 100,000 pallets, these facilities are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Since then, Solvo.WMS functionality has been constantly increasing in lockstep with the requirements and growth of Sherland.

Currently, besides the basic system functions, the warehouse also added anew video surveillance system—developed by SOLVO and AVEX—which allows monitoring the lifecycle of all goods as well as control employee activities at the warehouse. Now, with over 400 cameras, Solvo.WMS is able to track and provide precise data on any item’s current location.

Additionally, new Infoscan devices were also introduced from Infotech, used for automatic measuring of goods weight and dimensions - all integrated with Solvo.WMS. Infoscan measures goods’ parameters and immediately records them in Solov.WMS, where inventory is automatically updated and goods are placed on pallets (supports both UK and EU pallets), alongside transportation planning.

In 2018, SOLVO plans to open a center of competence based on Sherland and welcome all visitors to see its latest logistics optimization technology in action.

You can read the full article here