25 Years of Knowledge: Supplying Software Solutions to Terminals

18 September 2020

PTI_#100-2020_Solvo_interview_Grebenshchikova_EA.pngThis week, SOLVO has been featured in the latest edition of the Port Technology International magazine. In her interview, Elena Grebenshchikova, the CEO of SOLVO, elaborated on the latest technologies for ports and cargo terminals, the history of the company, current projects and products, work during a pandemic, and also shared plans for further development especially in view of the development of the new micro-service architecture for the Solvo.TOS.

«In 2019 we launched Solvo.SCE – a new technological platform featuring all our main products: the seventh version of our flagship terminal operating system – Solvo.TOS which combined the latest technology for both marine container, inland, mixed cargo and Ro-Ro operations. Solvo.WMS – a comprehensive warehouse management and inventory tracking system, Solvo.GMS – an automated gate and truck management solution, Solvo.Billing for cost accounting and fare calculation, Solvo.KPI dashboards for managerial reporting and Solvo.Web for your customers to effectively interact with the warehouse of terminal stuff in real-time from any location. This SCE concept makes it possible to automate all intralogistics processes at any site: port, cargo terminal, warehouse or other multipurpose transshipment complex» - comments Elena Grebenshchikova

Read the full interview here

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