Novorossyisk, Russia
Container terminals
The JSC “Novoroslesexport” – a large universal port is located on the north-east coast of Black Sea within the limits of Novorossiysk city which is the largest commercial port in the south of Russia. JSC "Novoroslexexport" conducts year-round processing of the fleet, including container vessels of class PANAMAX has significant areas for temporary storage of cargo docks, access roads, advanced technical facilities and experienced staff. This allows the port to quickly process the incoming flow of cargo shipments and perform different kinds of goods all over the world. The main activities of the company - handling of containers and timber cargo.

General info

59.74 Ha
Port area
15.3 Ha
Water area
11,200 TEU
Storage space
140,123 m2
Open-space warehouse area
1372.8 m
Total berth length
10 m
Berth depth
9 units
Reachstackers SMV, Ferrari, Kalmar
3 units
RTG cranes
2 units
STS cranes
19 units
Container trucks
18 units
3 units
Gottwald Liebherr mobile cranes

The list of services rendered

Год внедрения: 2007


Automation of all operations involving containers to reduce cost and time required to process this cargo at the container terminal, and provide clear and accurate information about the current status for subsequent work planning.


Effective management of load handling operations due to enhanced control, faster document processing, reduction in unproductive moves, and the ability to analyze the port’s business activity.