Solvo.WMS Brings Full Automation, Efficiency to Kukhmaster

28 October 2016

At the end of last year, SOLVO completed an automation project at the warehouse complex of Kukhmaster, the largest producer of ketchup, mustard and confectionary goods, in record time — just two months. 

The company’s warehouse complex in Samara has an area of over 12,000 square meters. It is used for storing, shipping goods while strictly adhering to storage condition requirements. 

The significant increase in production throughput and turnover necessitated Kukhmaster to find a special solution to putaway, storage and shipping of products at the warehouse. Thus, the company started searching for a management system that could automate processes and optimize operations. 

Considering its experience with accounting systems, Kukhmaster took a very careful approach in selecting the right WMS system. A few deciding factors in choosing Solvo.WMS were the demonstration of the system in action at a client’s warehouse as well as the presentation on the system’s features held by SOLVO experts at the office of Kukhmaster.  

The SOLVO implementation team was faced with the following tasks:

- Address-based storage;

- Resolve issues with picking errors, apply FEFO;

- Accounting of goods expiration dates;

- 1C integration.

Implementation of a yard management system:

- A management system for truck routing within the warehouse complex;

- Gate management.

Automation Tasks 

The production complex of Kukhmaster operates 24/7 and is divided into several sections: production of ketchup, mustard and confectionary goods, part of which is stored separately in standalone buildings. The warehouse complex includes a warehouse for ready-made products adjacent to one of the production plants as well as a warehouse for raw materials.



Solvo.WMS makes it possible to receive ready-made goods in two ways: automatically via the conveyor and using radio terminals where forklift drivers deliver part of the products from the production facilities.

Following implementation of the Solvo.WMS module called “Automatic receiving from production,” ready-made goods are delivered to the corresponding warehouse via the conveyor line and identified by optical sensors. Next, Solvo.WMS automatically creates a load, for which it prompts the pinter-applicators to print corresponding load labels. 

The system function called “receiving via radio terminal” is used for semi-automatic or “traditional” receiving of goods, when the WMS system or warehouse manager manually issues tasks to operators to receive. The tasks are displayed on the mobile data capture terminal screen. The warehouse uses the hand-held terminal Datalogic Scorpio X3 and the Honeywell THOR CE, which is mounted in the forklift cabin. 

It should be noted that Auto-ID equipment including data capture terminals, printers, and optical sensors, were also provided and configured by SOLVO within the scope of the given project. 


Pallet and carton picking is carried out at the warehouse. Pallets are shipped indirectly from the stack storage zone; carton picking is carried out in the carton picking zone. If necessary, the system can automatically create tasks for operator in accordance with preset rules and strategies to replenish the carton picking zone from the stack storage zone. 

Goods assembly is carried out:

- Via replenishment of the picking zone;

- Pallet shipping is carried out directly into the truck;

- Assembly of incomplete pallets is carried out in the picking zone.

In accordance with putaway rules and strategies, Solvo.WMS automatically issues tasks to operators to put away ready-made goods while accounting the type of adjacent goods in the stack storage and carton picking zone. Moreover, Solvo.WMS calculates the tier layering by product type. Order planning is carried out based on FEFO with consideration of customer requirements. 


Automation of processes at the raw materials warehouse

Various types of raw materials are stored in a separate warehouse and are controlled by Solvo.WMS:

- Tomato paste in barrels,

- Sugar in bags,

- Packages for goods, accounted by weight in kilograms.

- Liquid concentrates, which are stored in tanks or canisters;

- Processed food, which must adhere to a strict temperate mode.

Solvo.WMS handles catch-weight goods at the raw materials warehouse, while accounting for the weight of the cargo during receiving and shipping. 

Worth mentioning is that only one warehouseman is now responsible for the raw materials warehouse. This implies that Solvo.WMS is successfully controlling receiving, putaway and shipping operations. Thus, only one person is now required to monitor all of these processes.


Besides Solvo.WMS, the Kukhmaster warehouse complex also uses a separate yard management module Solvo.Yard (YMS). It is intended for optimizing management of external transport vehicles (trucks). 

Thanks to Solvo.Yard, the following processes have been automated at the warehouse complex:

- Truck arrival control;

- Truck driver SMS notification with directions to the loading zone;

- Warehouse document processing control;

- Truck driver notification on document processing and out-gate instructions;

- Truck departure control.

Thanks to Solvo.WMS and Solvo.Yard, the automation of processes at the Kukhmaster warehouse complex has significantly boosted efficiency and raised overall productivity.

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