SOLVO on Universal IT-Solutions for Effective Storage Logistics

30 October 2017

The American Chamber of Commerce in Saint Petersburg, Russia held its latest meeting on October 20 dedicated to logistics called the “Logistics seminar: Best practices.”

Over 30 representatives from the Chamber’s member-companies took part including SOLVO, which was represented by Maxim Maximov, the company’s TOS commercial director. The discussion saw active participation from logistics specialists, head of commercial departments and other experts representative such companies as: IKEA, Philip Morris, Nissan, Hyundai, Yusen Logistics, Toyota, and more.

The attendees shared their experience and best practices including real life examples of innovative approaches to optimizing logistics processing, developing and implementing the latest logistics-related technologies.

Among the main topics discusses were:

  • Container logistics market forecasts for 2018;
  • Questions and issues related to truck fleet management;
  • Packing solutions related to transportation in cartons under strict storage requirements;
  • Legislative procedures for issuing trucks to lines.

Maximov presented a report titled: IT solution for efficient storage logistics: port — terminal — warehouse. He discussed technologies, which can equally be applied in the logistics of sea, and rail terminals as well as warehouse complexes such as: parking zone management, web-portal for clients, loading/unloading zone management (gate), electronic driver queue.

The meeting concluded with an agreement on the future topics that will be discussed at the next meeting: the need and feasibility of switching from pallets to slip sheets, new packing technologies.