SOLVO at TransRussia: 25 years of experience in creating innovations for logistic

22 April 2021

The SOLVO team took part in the first large logistics exhibition TransRussia 2021 since the beginning of the pandemic. The event took place in Moscow at the Crocus Expo on April 12-14. How we all missed this atmosphere of live communication! In a series of active business meetings, three days passed like a high-speed train. Read more about the main results of the exhibition in our report.

Of course, at the exhibition it was necessary to wear a mask and observe all measures for the safety of the people around. Of course, the state borders of some countries are still closed. All this made the exhibition smaller than before. But all the same, the conference was attended by participants from 22 governments, including Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and Belarus.


The TransRussia 2021 exhibition fully confirms the status of the largest transport event in the region.

The guests of the exhibition were greeted by many officials from different countries such as Talis Linkaits, Minister of Transport of Latvia; Taavi Aas, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure of Estonia; Janos Talosi, CEO of the Hungarian company East-West Intermodal Logistics Ltd.; Olga Chirgadze, portfolio director at Hyve Expo International; Alexander Starovoytov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction; and other representatives of logistics companies, fulfillment and 3PL operators, large sea and rail container terminals.


The main theme at the SOLVO exhibition booth was the achievements in a course of 25 years experience in creating innovations for logistics. The SOLVO's stand visitors could explore the best practices and cases of the company, as well as find out what is new in the latest versions of port and terminal software systems such as Solvo.TOS, warehouse management systems - Solvo.WMS and Solvo.Yard. Exhibition guests learned how a single integrated platform that manages all aspects of intralogistics – Solvo.SCE – really works. It combines all SOLVO's products in one comprehensive package to deliver an affordable and comprehensive all-in-one solution to a client. Also the SOLVO team presented various proprietary Auto-ID solutions including self-registration kiosks, allowing to implement contactless entry into the territory and address other challenges relevant during a pandemic.


The stand visitors were especially interested in the joint solution for warehouse inventory using drones from SOLVO and Skolkovo resident company UVL Robotics. This is not surprising, since the focus of the exhibition was on intralogistics. The focus was also on the flagship warehouse management system Solvo.WMS and the yard management system Solvo.Yard.


But the systems for the automation of container terminals and ports SOLVO.TOS also attracted the attention of representatives of many logistics companies. The highest interest was from the railway companies of Russia and the CIS countries, which are working on the so-called “New Silk Road”. This direction is now actively developing.

However, sea container terminals also need innovations today. The SOLVO team met both potential new clients and long-term users of Solvo.TOS. Together we discussed new joint projects, wishes for further improvement of the IT product. Meetings with our long-standing technology partners such as Honeywell, Panasonic and others were also productive. Potential partners interested in cooperation demonstrated new solutions on the verge of storage logistics and transport logistics, technologies for forwarders and much more.


According to the organizers of TransRussia, there was a very high demand for the business program for three days. Almost 5000 people took part in conferences, discussions, lectures. These are six industry conferences (26 sessions!), a rich lecture program and other events. Lectures TransRussia visitors was 17 times more than the organizers had planned.


Two SOLVO experts took part in the TransRussia Lecture Hall. Maxim Maksimov, commercial director of SOLVO, told the audience why the largest stevedoring companies in 12 countries of the world choose the Solvo.TOS system for automation logistic. The SOLVO expert presented cases of how the system distributes work with all types of cargo and forms a single digital ecosystem based on one or several remote container terminals in the ports of the Caspian, Baltic, Africa, Russia and others.


“Why is it good to have all types of cargo in one system? Because it helps to automate different complex process flows, – said Maxim in his speech. – For example, trucks with containers come to you. You unload them, send empty containers to the depot and use them for further loading. But what about the trucks that brought these containers? You already use them as Ro-Ro. And this is a completely different type of cargo handling operation. It is convenient when the planning of all these tasks is performed by one automation system Solvo.TOS. At the same time, the system carries out a large number of diverse operations including electronic document management and communication with clients through the SOLVO web portal”.

Maxim spoke about successful implementation of a port management system in a pandemic and how SOLVO team automated processes in the multi-profile terminal of the port of Antwerp in a remote mode.


And the head of Auto-ID Department SOLVO Alexey Gusev made an interesting presentation: "COVID, a new benchmark for the evolution of warehouse automation". This was an overview of technologies for the safety and comfort of warehouse employees during a pandemic and beyond. For example, contactless access to the warehouse, monitoring the condition of work clothes, receiving goods and picking pallets in automatic mode.

Thanks to the audience of the lecture hall and visitors to our stand for their interest in SOLVO IT products!