SOLVO and Infoscan Implement Universal Load Measuring Tool at SIM-Logistic Warehouse

12 April 2019

In January 2019, SOLVO and Infoscan completed a joint project implementing an automatic weight and dimensional load characteristics measuring tool Infoscan 3D, integrated with Solvo.WMS at the warehouse of SIM-Logistics in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Russia.

The solution was first unveiled at the Solvo.WMS Client Conference VI in August 2018. It has since attracted considerable interest because there are no similar solutions on the Russian market today while foreign competitor solutions are offered at much higher cost.

Infoscan 3D is a device for measuring the load weight and dimensions. The smart device sends barcode data and weight-dimensional load information to Solvo.WM or ERP in real time. Automation of this process not only eliminates the need to manually enter data by the operator, but also the possibility of input errors. Infoscan 3D is equipped with three sensors for measuring load dimensions.

The device supports the ability to measure depending on the client’s tasks: laser and ultrasound. The measuring range is from 10 to 850 mm; the measurement is record in 1-2 seconds. Load weight data is determined using a reliable measuring module from MASSA-K, the leading Russian producer of electric scales. The measuring range is from 10 g to 50 kg.

Infoscan_3D.jpg Infoscan_3D_wi-fi.jpg

Solvo.WMS screen support a special function called “Request dimensions,” which enable selecting the supported physical measuring tool from the list of available methods. Pressing “Request dimensions” automatically fills in the description and attributes of the package for the requested SKU.

Интерфейс WMS_Infoscan.jpg

Worth nothing is that the availability of this special interface for working with various weight-dimensional measuring systems is one of the unique advantages of Solvo.WMS. It allows the warehouse operator to request measurement at any time and any location in the warehouse without having to contact the manager. This makes the processes receiving, transferring, and shipping much more efficient.

Stanislav Romanenko, director of internal logistics development at SIM-Logistics, notes: “The Infoscan measuring system integrated with WMS Solvo, enables us to significantly reduce the time needed for processing new loads. But more importantly – increase the accuracy of weighing. SIM-Logistics is always striving to improve its business-processes to boost load handling efficiency. Thanks to the implementation of this new solution, our company is increasing the productivity of out warehouse.”

SIM-Logistics is one of the oldest clients of SOLVO. The company has multiple distribution centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg that are operated by Solvo.WMS using the cloud-based “Remote warehouse” technology. This solution enables the client to install the server part of at a centralized data processing center, while the client side can be distributed across various regions of the country. The connection between regional warehouses and the data processing center is established via Internet across a secure WPN-channel. Each warehouse of SIM-Logistics meanwhile uses their own Infoscan 3D devices integrated with Solvo.WM. SIM-Logistics is one of the largest warehouse operators in Russia providing clients with a full range of services including secure storage and load processing at class A warehouses.