Remote implementation of Solvo.WMS in Tadjikistan for the AUCHAN retail DC operator during a pandemic

30 September 2020

In September 2020 Solvo finalized remote implementation of Solvo.WMS for the all-new distribution center of Schiever Tadjikistan (CJSC SHIVER TAJIKISTAN), a subsidiary of the French retailer Schiever Group a logistics operator of Auchan retail chain.

The warehouse facility is located in the capital of Tajikistan - Dushanbe. The size of the newly built distribution center is 4500 sq. m, storage capacity - 2700 pallet spaces. Warehouse working hours: 8:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

The main assortment - consumer goods, frozen products, fresh (fruits, vegetables and dairy products)
Number of active SKUs: 20,000
Average number of orders per day: 45
Storage types: rack, shelf, floor
Equipment types: piece assembly, box selection
Assortment: 8000 items
ERP: 1C Parus
MHE: reach trucks and electric forklifts Still Forklifts.

The project peculiarity was that the WMS implementation was carried out in a remote mode, as it was required by the customer in connection with the limitations brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The site itself was a greenfield project and WMS was implemented along with the construction of the facility. “We chose Solvo.WMS, since the SOLVO company and its employees already have extensive experience in warehouses process automation for large retailers, such as, for example,“ Ulybka radugi” chain in Russia ”, - comments Pavel Fedorov, Logistics Director of SHIEVER TAJIKISTAN CJSC.

At the new warehouse, it was necessary to automate main warehouse operations (order picking, receiving, putaway, distribution, shipping, etc.), as well as to set up putaway rules for the loads according to the principles of load compatibility and temperature controlled environment requirements. In addition, the order picking and load planning had to be carried out taking into account the FEFO principle.

A standard boxed version of Solvo.WMS in configuration for distribution and retail warehouses has been deployed, that was customized to take into account peculiarities of internal warehouse operations.

Solvo.WMS was integrated with Parus, a popular 1C based EPR-system, as well as with the InfoScan – a dimensioning, scanning, and weighing system for capturing dimensional data for shipping, warehousing and distribution, provided by the technological SOLVO partner, which made it possible to automatically send the dimensions and weight of the package to WMS, as well as scan the package barcodes.

Together with the implementation of the WMS, SOLVO being Datalogic silver partner, provided the supply and configuration of mobile handheld devices for warehouse operators, which made possible such operations as WMS-guided receiving, putaway, picking, tranfers, inventory count, etc and overall simplify pick / move operations.

The main distinction of this project, as already noted, is the completely remote implementation of Solvo.WMS. For this, the following works were performed:

  • Online Project support using video conferences;
  • Remote installation and configuration of the system on the customer's servers (including in the cloud) via a secure VPN channel;
  • Online express training of the customer's specialists to carry out routine operations to launch the WMS-system;
  • User training through video seminars;
  • Hotline support throughout the entire implementation process;
  • Emulation of the warehouse under the control of WMS according to the Day-in-life methodology.

As a result of Solvo.WMS implementation, all the main warehouse operations were automated: acceptance, placement, selection and shipment of products, accounting and control of the shelf life of goods in the warehouse, accounting for commodity proximity, and other tasks assigned to SOLVO were solved.

“We have done a great job with the Solvo.WMS specialists,” says Pavel Fyodorov, Logistics Director of SHIEVER TAJIKISTAN CJSC. - Taking into account the specifics of the local market, the implementation team from our organization consisted of three specialists, and only the constant assistance from Solvo colleagues enabled us to meet the project deadlines and achieve the tasks set. Remote implementation was almost painless: all emerging issues were promptly resolved in messengers and by phone. We expect from the Solvo.WMS to speed up our routine operations, as well as the accuracy of data on the available inventory and, of course, the shelf life of goods."