Container Terminal Rusmarine-Forwarding Upgrades to Solvo.TOS

6 September 2017

At the end of 2016, SOLVO completed the automation project at the Rusmarine-Forwarding container terminal. The terminal was equipped with a fully-fledged Solvo.TOS container terminal operating system including the Solvo.WEB module, which provides real time information about cargo, storage location, performed operations, request processing times, etc.

Rusmarine-Forwarding is the independent operator of its own terminal complex (including berth) at the port of Saint Petersburg. It offers a wide range of services related to cargo handling including sea transport handling (timber, lumber, rolled steel, metal, and scrap metal), sending aluminum for export, processing of 20 and 40 foot sea containers, including refrigerator containers, processing of general cargo, as well as temporary storage services. The CHE fleet is comprised of 8 cargo handling vehicles.

The decision to upgrade to a TOS system stemmed from improving organization and making cargo handling operations more efficient as a whole.

The terminal has an in-house operating system called KIS, which records all cargo handling operations and is integrated with Solvo.TOS, which is responsible for real time management of operations as well as supporting documentation.

In particular, the management system is responsible for loading/unloading of container to/from a vessel, including planning and control, processing of road transport, truck visit requests via the time-slotting system, and optimizing movement of CHE within the terminal. Thanks to the terminal map, Solvo.TOS is also able to control internal container operations (stuffing/unstuffing) and support interaction with customs authorities by automatic creation of accompanying documents.

Process Automation Specifics

Since the terminal has two areas for cargo processing, which are separated from each other, many operations are performed between them. The yards are connected via container trucks, which move through regular streets. The main goal - timely recording of container moves and instant monitoring of container location .

The terminal receives import containers via land, which is a non-standard technology called “dry work front.” This specificity is taken into account in truck visit request of Solvo.TOS. The system notes that the import container is being delivered via land.

Results & Future Plans

Solvo.TOS was rolled out in record time — in one month — thanks to the non-stop and close coordination of SOLVO and Rusmarine teams. Follow-up development was minimal and Solvo.TOS implementation was carried out quickly and without any disruption.

As noted by Rusmarine IT director Vadim Ustinov, “The quick implementation of Solvo.TOS at the terminal has had a positive effect: reduction in operational expenses, better load handling control, increase productivity — all of this has enables us to achieve our main goal which is to achieve the level of quality expected by our clients. We are already witnessing increased demand for our services only a few months after Solvo.TOS went live.”

The company is planning to install the Solvo.TOS.Cargo module (processing of general cargo) in the near future.

About Rusmarine

Rusmarine Group of Transport Companies works in the market of logistic services since 1991, and today keep a noticeable place among forwarders of the Russia. The Group of Transport Companies unites nearly 500 staff with a cargo turnover of approximately 60,000 containers.

Due to such interaction, the company provides full range of services in “door-to-door” delivery of container cargoes. Control and coordination of freight traffic are provided by regional offices in key transport hubs: Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Novorossiysk, Nakhodka and Limassol (Cyprus).