A single digital eco-environment for warehouses and terminals from SOLVO at UzTechTransExpo

14 May 2021

On May 5-7, the SOLVO team presented to the visitors of the international exhibition UzTechTransExpo-2021 a wide range of solutions for the automation of warehouses, ports, container and cargo terminals.

The event took place in Tashkent "UzExpoCentre"– the largest exhibition complex of Uzbekistan. Five industry exhibitions were held here in same days. Specialists from transport and logistics, chemical, metallurgical and machine-building industries met at the exhibition complex after a long break since start of the pandemic. There was also another exhibition dedicated to technologies in the fields of fire safety, IT security and occupational safety also worked on the territory at "UzExpoCentre".

The united industry exposition of five exhibitions brought together about 100 stands of companies from Uzbekistan, Austria, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Switzerland. More than 3000 industry specialists visited the exhibition complex these days.


SOLVO stand guests learned how to automate and unite warehouses located at a distance from each other into a single information environment using the remote warehouse module of the Solvo.WMS system. Today this problem is the most relevant for the logistics companies of Uzbekistan.

The exhibition visitors were highly interested in using the Solvo.WMS system for the automation of pharmaceutical warehouses. This IT solution helps to manage warehouses of both pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical industries. Also visitors of the SOLVO stand raised a lot of questions about the automation of 3PL, Postal & Delivery operators, manufacturing warehouses, Logistics Centers and other.

The logistics community has traditionally shown a high interest in the Solvo.Yard system for automating the processes of movement and handling of trucks at the warehouse territory. The system also helps to plan the entry of trucks to the warehouse territory, including registering truck visits, planning the yard occupancy, distributing trucks to docks and sites, issuing a pass for freight transport at the checkpoint, managing the driver’s actions and much more.

Intralogistics was the main focus of the event; however, the exhibition was also attended by managers of container and cargo terminals of Uzbekistan, who found interesting TOS solutions of SOLVO.

These are Solvo.TOS for the automation of marine, rail, inland cargo terminals which is a part of single software platform Solvo.SCE uniting solutions for warehouses and terminals, as well as additional company’s software products for working with depositors, billing and others into one.

01.pngAlexey Smirnov, Deputy General Director for Sales of WMS and Yard:

“We would like to thank all our stand visitors for their topical questions about the SOLVO systems. We are ready to work out individual solutions for each company, considering its specifics. It was also a great pleasure to meet our long-term clients at the exhibition and exchange the news. Such meetings are interesting and useful for us, because we can hear recommendations and wishes for our solutions. It helps our team to receive real-time information on the current challenges of the industry and anticipate new challenges that our product will help to solve”.