SOLVO Celebrates 20 Years of Success

14 November 2015

SOLVO celebrated its 20th anniversary on November 14.

For any IT business, 20 years is a very commendable number and implies that the company is adaptable and up to date with the times and market demands.

20 years of SOLVO includes over 190 successful projects, 150 professionals, unique logistics-related offerings and developers as well as a network of partners across the entire globe.

SOLVO is the first Russian based provider of WMS systems, terminal and warehouse automation solutions, which despite the difficulties of the period during the early 90s and the financial crisis of 2008, was able to reach unprecedented heights and become the leader on the automation system developer market.

The SOLVO team is proud not only in its achievements but also in its clients, thanks to which state-of-the-art solutions can be developed resulting in increased revenue and overall business efficiency.