SOLVO.TOS selected by the Commercial Port of Vladivostok (VMTP)

6 May 2015
SOLVO has signed a contract to optimize processes at the Commercial Port of Vladivostok (VMTP), the largest port in the Far East and the third largest container terminal in Russia by turnover.

The Commercial Port of Vladivostok (part of the FESCO transport group) provided container and general cargo processing services.

VMTP is the leading container processing hub in Russia’s Far East handling over 500,000 TEU in 2014, which became a new record by volume among Far East Russian ports.

The increase in container turnover volumes is one of the main priorities for the port’s development. In 2015, thanks to the improvement of operational efficiency at the container terminal, VMTP plans to expand its throughput to 600,000 TEU and it became evident that the previously installed system would not be able to handle the workload and thus, the company needed to update its existing IT systems.

As the result of the tender process held for the implementation of a new system, SOLVO, the leader of the TOS market in Russia and CIS, became a winner being able to offer a comprehensive TOS solution to fully cover the requirements of VMTP.

Solvo.TOS is intended to boost the efficiency of container handling process thanks to the increased speed of operations and the reduction of costs. Solvo.TOS is to provide operative planning, execution and real-time control of all operations at the VMTP container terminal.

Among other things, Solvo.TOS will allow to trace container movements, get instant information on container location, group containers to ensure effective use of yard space, automate document flow.

It is estimated that the project will allow increasing the speed of processing containers as well as the labor efficiency by 20%, by 15% - handling capacity. Management costs are to be reduced by 15% with the help of Solvo.TOS. Another very important objective of implementing the management systems is increasing the QoS for the clients of the terminal. According to the contract the start of the test launch of Solvo.TOS on site is planned for November 2015, whereas the go-live – for April 2016.

«This is the first step in our plan for automating the port’s management processes. In the future, we are planning to deploy management systems for general cargo as well as the other types of cargo and then unify the management of all these operations in a single IT system. We are also planning to deploy the TOS at our hinterland container terminals in Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk”, says Konstantin Sokolov, president of Fesco Transport Group.

The current implementation not the first project for SOLVO in the Far East region. Thus, Solvo.TOS successfully manages operations at VSC (Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company) in Nakhodka Port as well as at Korsakov Port.

Taking into account SOLVO’s VMTP project and other ongoing projects, it is expected that by the end of 2015, Solvo.TOS will be deployed at the majority of the largest container terminals in Russia in total handling over 60% of all container turnover across Russian seaports.