SOLVO to Showcase Port and Terminal Automation Track Record at the International Port Efficiency Forum 2015 in Casablanca, Morocco

23 February 2015

February 25-26, SOLVO will take part at the International Port Efficiency Forum 2015 in Casablanca, Morocco.

The forum, under the auspices of the Moroccan government, will be the place where representatives from the largest ports and terminals as well as logistics companies will assemble under one roof.

The event’s participants will have the chance to discuss modern development trends, industry best practices, ask questions to experts, and share their experience and plans for the future.

Moreover, everyone will have the opportunity to go on a tour of the port of Casablanca to witness operations at Morocco’s largest port.

During the second day of the forum on February 26, the head of SOLVO’s marketing department, Daniel Pershin, will present a report on the “Benefits of Implementing a TOS (Terminal Operating System) in Examples” within the context of the fourth session titled Terminal Efficiency through Talent and Training.

In particular, the presentation will be dedication to issues such as: when is a TOS system needed; how does terminal size affect system implementation and more. Based on real examples and data, Daniel will showcase which technologies are necessary to increase dock operation productivity. In addition, you will see how yard operations are optimized, how to find the right container in the shortest amount of time, how to circumvent truck queues when entering the terminal, and much more.

The given event is an important strategic step for SOLVO towards new opportunities on the North African market as well as for the development of its partner and client relations.