Solvo.WMS in the Top Ranks Once Again According to Fraunhofer IML

30 December 2014

As the year comes to a close, two systems from SOLVO have successfully passed the expert validation of the renowned Dortmund-based Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (Fraunhofer IML).

These systems were Solvo.WMS and Solvo.Yard. Based on the results of the validation, SOLVO representatives took part in the fourth annual conference of the top WMS system vendors from around the globe, which was held on October 30, 2014 in Dortmund, Germany.

The event welcomed over 60 representatives from international companies while the conference itself became a nexus for sharing experiences when it comes to the application of innovative technologies in logistics.

This year, the following Solvo.WMS system functionality successfully passed validation:

  • A new client version of the graphic interface for RDTCE supporting images of goods and other objects.
  • WEB module from SOLVO with the ability for the client to receive information about item nomenclature at the warehouse and create documents for receipt and expenditure via the internet.
  • SMS-notifications regarding various events in the Solvo.WMS system
  • Dynamic picking channels – or automatic generation of tasks for replenishing picking zones
  • Technology for Solvo.WMS to work with Double-Deep and drive-in racks

Of particular attention was the new development from SOLVO – the yard management system Solvo.Yard. The yard management system from SOLVO is a new stand-alone product can not only work in tandem with Solvo.WMS in the form of a fully integrated module but also independently and with other WMS-systems.

The solution is designed to optimize planning and management of high traffic volumes at warehouses including:

- Rational organization of traffic flows on the territory of the yard;
- Optimally distribute jobs for processing vehicles among all process participants;
- Reduction in the time needed to process trucks;
- Immediately record all vehicle moves in the yard.

Solvo.YMS is already in commercial operation at the warehouse of DKC in Tver, Russia.

Also, at the heart of this year’s program was the World Café discussion club, where the SOLVO team took active part in two roundtable talks:

  • During the first session, an active discussion was held on the attached manual for the synergy between the WMS vendor team and the client during the implementation stage. All participants shared their experiences and recommendations. In result of the brainstorming session, a manual-document will be prepared by Farunhofer that will include comments from market expert-participants (incl. SOLVO) for the given issue. The given document will be used to aid current and future SOLVO clients.


  • The second session covered the need to implement a human resource management system within the scope of the WMS-project: including a point by point discussion on just how much the given system will be and is already in demand among clients based on industry-best practices. For SOLVO, this data is of especial importance i.e. the company is currently developing a module for managing human resources for Solvo.WMS.

In result of the event, SOLVO received a unique opportunity to become familiar with various innovations, which are already being tested at the laboratories of Fraunhofer IML:

  • A new type of automated shuttle system for storage from Fraunhofer RackRacer which can independently move horizontally as well as diagonally inside the rack. The given storage system type can become a good alternative to the costly high-rise stackers.
  • Automatic inventory without work stoppage with the help of a flying probe equipped with a scanner.

Finally, the conference culminated with the traditional presentation of certificates to participating companies.