SOLVO Turns 19

14 November 2014

Today we are celebrating the birthday of our company, SOLVO, which was founded nineteen years ago today on November 14, 1995.

During this time, we went from a small, local software firm to a global system integrator and became real experts in the field of automated logistics. Having completed over 170 projects while enduring several economic downturns and upheavals, we successfully grew to foster a staff of over 130 people to become leaders in many aspects of the industry and are ready for new challenges.

But despite extensive track record and accumulated experience, we retain the spark and energy that helped us grow from our humble beginnings, as we continue moving forward.

SOLVO would like to thank our clients for their loyalty and giving us the opportunity to successfully work and grow together for these past 19 years as well as everyone who was involves and contributed to our development.



PS: Thank you for all of the wishes and congratulations we received today from our clients and partners.