SOLVO at the Communications and IT Subcommittee Panel Session in China

4 August 2014

SOLVO took part at the Russia-China XIII Communications and IT subcommittee panel session for the preparation of recurrent meetings between governments held in Dalian, China from July 28 to July 31.

From the Russian side, the session was led by the Deputy Minister of Communications and the Media, Dmitry Alhazov. From the Chinese side – the Deputy Minister of Industry and Information, Shang Bing.

SOLVO took part in a work group session for partnership in IT and network security under the auspices of the Director of the development of information technologies department at the Ministry of Communications and Media of the Russian Federation, Evgeniy Kovnir, and the Director of Telecommunications Infrastructure for the Ministry of Industry and IT, Zhao Zhiguo.

The topics discussed at the meeting included the development of Chinese-Russian relations in key information technology sectors. The session also included a report from Maxim Maximov, Commercial Director of SOLVO on high-tech Russian solutions for seaports, container and cargo terminals. The work group part of the program included meetings with Chinese port representatives where the prospects of future cooperation were evaluated.

The parties discussed the importance and urgency of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of IT with relation to seaports and terminals, agreeing to facilitate the establishment of new contacts and strengthen existing ties between Russian IT-companies and Chinese stevedoring companies in order to share knowledge, experience and develop a strong partnership between the two sides.