Royal Canin trusts SOLVO

2 April 2014

SOLVO continues to implement a series of Solvo.WMS warehouse automation solutions for RUSCAN Distribution (Royal Canin) trademark – a leader on the dog and cat health nutrition market.

At the end of 2013, the fourth Solvo.WMS implementation project at RUSCAN Distribution warehouse was completed; this time – it is a regional distribution warehouse located in Minsk (RuscanBel) for 1,311 pallets.

Unlike previous implementation projects, which included the Remote warehouse module, the Belorussian affiliate was equipped with a stand-alone Solvo.WMS system with its own server and integrated with the 1C host system.

All company warehouses were outfitted with the most advanced technology, which is used to optimize warehouse tasks and operations.

One of the main goals of implementing the Solvo.WMS system was traceability and tracking of each unit load from the warehouse to the end-consumer (retail outlet) as well as record-keeping and monitoring the quality of incoming goods.

With the implementation of Solvo.WMS at the warehouse, the following principles and technologies are now in use:
- ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) technology makes it possible to receive loads from the central warehouse much quicker.

- Usage of the FEFO principle (First Expired First Out) makes it possible to fully control the shipping process by expiration date with consideration of the time in transit. This reduces the possibility of human error and improves the quality of customer service.

- Commissioning is one of the most important functions in Solvo.WMS. The commissioning mechanism is applied to order to ensure maximum efficiency in rack storage: loads with goods are lowered by stacker-trucks from the top tiers to the lower tiers for further processing by operators if the picking zone does not have a sufficient amount of required goods.

- Routes – order grouping technology
Orders can be grouped by regions of the city or country into so-called routes.