Positive Results at Intermodal Europe 2013

6 November 2013

From October 8th to the 10th, SOLVO took part at the international conference and exhibition across the road, rail and sea sectors, Intermodal Europe 2013, which was held in Hamburg, Germany.

The business part of the conference included a presentation from Daniel Pershin, head of marketing at SOLVO, detailing the process of selecting the right TOS system (terminal operating system). The event likewise included an informative presentation of Solvo.TOS and the official announcement of the latest version of the system, which is slated to be released before the end of the year.

At its stand, SOLVO demonstrated the latest version of its “Automated Crane Operator Workplace” module on a touch-screen radio terminal demo-model from Honeywell – the VX9. The module effectively automates the management of all scheduled crane operations.

This year, the theme of the exhibition was ref-containers with special focus on the technology used for managing the ref-zone at the terminal. Today, the Solvo.TOS system features the automation of ref-zone management, creating tasks for ref. mechanics to connect and disconnect ref-installations and perform container status monitoring, all in real time.

In this regard, SOLVO met with representatives from Emerson Climate technologies - a key supplier partner. The meeting resulted in the signing of a new partnership agreement along with a contract to deliver REF-monitoring equipment for prospective SOLVO clients.

Despite the relatively modest influx of visitors to the exhibition this year, the SOLVO team was successful in establishing relations with several new partners and potential clients from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

SOLVO also met with representatives from the Austrian branch of the Fraunhofer research institute, which, for the first time, has included the Solvo.TOS system in their annual review of global Terminal Operating Systems vendors. Consequently, Solvo.TOS became the first Russian-based system to receive such recognition, which could give its foray into foreign markets an additional boost.