Solvo.WMS automates regional OCS warehouse

20 March 2013
SOLVO, an acknowledged leader by the number of implemented warehouse and terminal automation projects across Russia, has completed its automation project for the OCS affiliate warehouse in Yekaterinburg.

OCS – a major Russian distributer of computer equipment and is a part of the “National Computer Corporation” IT-holding’s company. The new project will be the first in a series of regional warehouses that will be operated under Solvo.WMS.

After moving to a modern warehouse facility, it became clear that a warehouse management system must be selected and implemented. The solution became Solvo.WMS, which has been successfully used to automate warehouse complexes and has already proved its effectiveness and ROI value in Saint-Petersburg (since 2008) and Moscow (since 2010).

The warehouse complex with an area of 5.8 thousand square meters will serve the Ural region. The facility will be used to receive goods from the company’s central warehouse and ship project orders. Work started in September 2012 with implementation and customization being finalized in December 2012. The system has been in commercial operation since January 2013. The quick replication of the solution became possible due to experience not only at OCS warehouses but at various other distributor company warehouses as well. The warehouse complex can handle everything from individual units to large packages as well as oversized goods.

Solvo.WMS is able to solve all problems common to distributor warehouses: expedited receiving of loads from the central warehouse based on ASN technology, putaway by mass-dimensional SKU characteristics, velocity, picking by serial number etc. The System reduces the frequency of labor-intensive and inefficient operations at the warehouse while increasing order processing speed and precision.

SOLVO is hopeful that the newly realized project will be the first of many collaborative projects aimed at improving the regional network of the OCS Distribution company.