Wimm-Bill-Dann Keeps Up Deploying Solvo.WMS on Its Warehouses

30 June 2011
New projects to deploy Solvo.WMS were completed at Wimm-Bill-Dann's two subsidiary factories located in Tula and Samara, Russia.

A leader on the dairy product market, Wimm-Bill-Dann is a dairy production company consisting of 25 factories located in 20 regions of Russia and the CIS countries. Solvo.WMS has been employed at Wimm-Bill-Dann's warehouses in Tomilino and Ramenskoye since 2003. In the mid of July 2005, the Baltiskoye Moloko Dairy warehouse, Wimm-Bill-Dann's subsidiary company, was automated with the SOLVO solution.

The previously mentioned two Solvo.WMS projects in Tula and Samara are the sixth and seventh ones in the history of the partnership between SOLVO and Wimm-Bill-Dann.

SOLVO hopes that its innovative solutions can ensure the most efficient operation and coordination between Wimm-Bill-Dann's factories around the world, and that it will help save and enhance Wimm-Bill-Dann's leadership in its market segment.