New SOLVO Project Completed for Lebediansky

1 February 2011
Lebediansky is a Russian branch company of PepsiCo and owns producing plants using the most up-to-date equipment. Solvo.WMS has been used by Lebediansky as a corporate standard system for its warehouses since 2006.

The new Solvo.WMS deployment was implemented at a 14-thousand-pallet warehouse situated in the town of Lebedian, Russia. In this project, SOLVO successfully implemented the system to manage standard tasks typical for beverage industry warehouses, such as addressable storage, product expiry recording, FEFO-based shipping, finished product acceptance control, external shipping control, etc. With the high intensity of the enterprise's work, there was a need for a highly robust and efficient management system to perform the tasks.

The main distinguishing feature of the project was its focus on the integration capabilities of Solvo.WMS. According to Damir Khamidullin, leader of WMS deployment and support group of Lebediansky, a large volume of work was done to develop an interface between all information systems involved in the enterprise's business processes. It was the use of several information systems simultaneously that was the basic difficulty of the project. SOLVO engineers once again showed their professionalism and ability to think out-of-box to cope with big problems.

Solvo.WMS was integrated with Lebedyansky's corporate systems at every phase of their logistic chain. Solvo.WMS was also configured to exchange data on  finished products with OeBS, an ERP system designed by Oracle Corporation. In addition, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system dedicated to managing sales operations sends requests to Solvo.WMS to ship out finished products from the warehouse to customers.

Cargoes are automatically received into Solvo.WMS based on data from Elettric 80, a finalizing equipment control system produced by an Italian company. In addition, Elettric 80 sends data on finished products and the movements of finished pallets in the final production phase. Products received from manufacture lines with no Elettric80 equipment are also automatically accepted to Solvo.WMS using the signals from pallet movement sensors. Furthermore, at the output of the manufacture lines, Domino applicator printers are used to put labels with detailed information on each cargo item.

Solvo.WMS is working as the host system for the Ant.WCS SSI Schaefer control system that manages the automated high bay warehouse of 50 thousand pallets capacity. This warehouse is used in addition to the conventional one to ship out finished products.

After a several months of test operation, the system was placed into full commercial use.  According to Lebediansky deputy director for logistics Mikhail Abdilladzhanov, "Solvo.WMS successfully performs the required tasks and works like we expected. Currently, Lebediansky plans to make a deployment of Solvo.WMS at another warehouse of 10 thousand pallets capacity."