SOLVO Launched New Website

31 August 2010
SOLVO Ltd., the Russian leading vendor of high-class logistics automation and control systems for automating the entire complex of business and technology processes within warehouses and container terminals, announced the release of a new corporate website located at It was designed and built from the ground up to provide partners and customers with comprehensive and useful information about SOLVO's products and services.

Developed by SOLVO's own working group together with Olev Media design agency's specialists, the entirely new web portal with advanced look-and-feel was made a convenient tool for its users to get an easier access to online content.

The website's design concept and structure were developed to allow visitors and customers to get an easy and quick access to product information in different ways. To this end, there is a lot of interactive and intuitive visuals, such as a duplex menu, that provide various access points to reach necessary information.

The new web portal provides different information about the Solvo management systems, the add-on modules designed to extend the products' functionality, and the system integration features to interact with equipment and ERPs. In addition, visitors will be able to see SOLVO partners' and customers' responses about its products.

An advanced software framework with high-tech underpinnings was used to implement the content management system of the website and to allow SOLVO to quickly publish news and other important information on products and services. In addition, the web pages dedicated to SOLVO's partners, such as LXE and Datalogic, have been updated to present new products and provide further details, e.g., whitepapers, technical specifications, etc. Moreover, a new search engine has been embedded in the website to help users easily find necessary information.

SOLVO would like to thank the Olev Media design team for their work and creativity. Special thanks to Vladislav Parkhomenko, Olev Media director general, who much contributed to the project to make it really balanced, clean, up-to-date and usable.

SOLVO hopes that its new web site, including support for the English and Russian languages, will help better serve all of its partners, customers and visitors.