SOLVO Automates Mikoyan Meat Processing Plant Warehouse

11 April 2008
On August 15, 2007, ZAO Mikoyan ( ) signed the
contract with the leader of the Russian market of Warehouse Management
Systems, Solvo Ltd., on implementing Solvo.WMS warehouse management system.

Today, Mikoyan meat factory is the incontestable leader of Russian meat
production and has no equal by competitiveness of product on the market,
pace of development and efficiency of capital investment. Mikoyan is
among 200 top companies leading in sales quantities, according to an
independent survey of Expert financial magazine.

Enterprise that is to be automated specializes in convenience foods
output and storage. The management system will monitor the production
process from raw material coming into the warehouse till shipment of
ready product to the customer.

The enterprise is 8670 sq.m. on 6 floors. The warehouse operates 24h.
The total number of cells on the automated warehouse is 3408, and around
200 of pallet cells. Main storage type is boxes and floor pallet
storage. Solvo.WMS is integrated with information system developed by
Mikoyan through gateway.

The warehouse management system will interact with the ATTEC automated
warehouse, ATTEC conveyor equipment and Bizerba labeling and weighing
The system is planned to be deployed over 30 working places.

Now the system is adopted. The implementation is going to be finished in
the beginning of June.