SOLVO Upgrades Solvo.WMS on Wimm-Bill-Dann Beverages Warehouses with Unique for Russia Equipment

19 June 2008
SOLVO, the IT market leader in warehouses and container terminals automation systems, successfully finished upgrade of Solvo.WMS warehouse management system on OAO Wimm-Bill-Dann Beverages.
Wimm-Bill-Dann Beverages warehouse is situated in Ramenskoye, Moskovskaya Oblast, and specializes on storing and shipping juice received from production. 7,000 sq.m. warehouse with over 14000 pallets capacity and provides storing and handling of 130 active positions.
Solvo.WMS has been successfully used on this warehouse since June 2003.
The Wimm-Bill-Dann Beverages management decided to update the system after the finished-products storage area was equipped with new devices. Particularly, a new system of drive-in racks was introduced, using radio shuttles, electric vehicles allowing move and allocate pallets inside tight storage rack tunnels.
In Russia, only a few such systems are installed.
SOLVO has vast experience in warehouses automation. One of exceptional capabilities of Solvo.WMS is customizing solutions for tasks and requirements of each clients and thorough elaboration of them which let SOLVO implement the project successfully and undertime.
SOLVO solution feature on this project is creating a united informational field, providing automated information exchange between production warehouse and distribution warehouse, equipped with Solvo.WMS as well. This let cut down labor for handling and allocation of loads.
Solvo.WMS lets automate receiving output from production, labeling and entering information into the system.
Solvo.WMS for Wimm-Bill-Dann Beverages works in intense turnover conditions with serial and batch assessment, expiration date assessment, ready production quality control, batch processing and order shipping.
Mikhail Ermishkin, Wimm-Bill-Dann Beverages Logistics Projects Manager, says that the advantage of SOLVO solution is complex optimizing all business processes related to warehouse material flows.
Using the Solvo.WMS, says Mikhail, - helps organize storage using the warehouse capacity efficiently. Constant production assessment during all warehouse operations let cut down or avoid stoppage of works for stock-taking. A great advantage of the system is that it is multifunctional. It includes such important functions as warehouse graphic representation, zoning, sorting, expiry date control, work measurement, reports generation, etc. ability to adopt Solvo.WMS to conditions and peculiarities of technologic and organization requirements of our company allows use the system capabilities with maximum efficiency, and training and implementation techniques made the installation process quick and successful.