New Solvo project accomplished for OCS

30 April 2010
The previous project, aimed at automating OCS's Saint Petersburg warehouse, was implemented in 2008. The warehouse had shelf and racking systems, and areas for box and piece storage, and for FIN pallets and Euro pallets.

The deployment of the Solvo system resulted in a substantial increase in the turnaround and useful capacity of the warehouse. In addition, warehousing costs reduced significantly, performance improved considerably, compilation speed increased sharply, orders processing became error-free, and the warehouse operation changed so as to feature high availability.

During the operation of the previous system for the year and a half, OCS's engineers had designed additional requirements specifications to further improve the performance, speed and ergonomics of all warehouse operations. The implementation of the requirements by Solvo's programmers in the new project allowed to make the system ideally configured for the distributor's specific warehouse processes involving complicated and multiproduct equipment and a large number of product partners.

The new project was aimed at scaling the system in order to include another OCS's warehouse located in Moscow. The deployment work was accomplished in three weeks. Solvo's Moscow team conducted a training program for the warehouse's personnel.

The Solvo.WMS system was deployed based on a typical settings configuration similar to that used in the Saint Petersburg warehouse earlier.

In addition, engineers of OCS's Saint Petersburg warehouse took part in training the personnel at the Moscow warehouse and teaching them the details of Solvo.WMS immediately during the warehouse operation.

For example, they performed the acceptance of goods to Solvo.WMS during four days (including Satarday and Sunday) and started the regular operation to ship goods using the system at the fifth day. This thorough approach to preparing the warehouse and training the personnel, including the help of OCS, much assisted to a successful and smooth transition to Solvo.WMS-based warehouse operation.

No doubt, Solvo's distributor warehousing solution will provide the needed functionality to efficiently organize all technologic processes at OCS's Moscow warehouse and to improve the speed and quality of the company's partner service. In future, Solvo will use the same approach to quickly deploy its warehouse control solution to automate other OCS's branch warehouses.