Atria (Pit-Produkt, Kampomos)

Saint Petersburg
Meat products
Atria Russia is an international food producing company. Its product range includes fresh meat and meat products, pizza and minced meat products. Atria Russia (Pit-Product Ltd) was established in 1996 in St. Petersburg. In 2005 the Company became a part of an international Finnish concern Atria Plc, which is one of the biggest food producing companies in Scandinavian countries, Baltic region and Russia.
In October 2008 Atria Russia expanded to Moscow and acquired meat processing company CampoMos Ltd. Nowadays Atria Russia is the leader of St. Petersburg market with brand Pit-Product and it sells products under the well known brand CampoMos in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

General info

Warehouse type: Finished goods warehouse
Storage type: Wide aisle racking
Machinery type:
Counterbalance forklift trucks