Lady and Gentleman CITY

Chekhov, Moscow Oblast
Clothing retail and production
The warehouse of Lady & Gentleman CITY has a total area of 10,000 square meters and specializes for storing clothes, goods made out of leather and fur, as well as accessories. The warehouse is equipped with a three-level mezzanine that is mounted with a transport system. The first level of the mezzanine is a large zone for units; the warehouse also contains zones with racks for pallet, carton and units storage. A significant part of the mezzanine contains a special racking system for organizing the storage of clothing on hangers (around 35,000 locations in the hanging zone).

General info

10,000 m2
Warehouse area
85,000 SKUs
1,000 1,000
Avg. order quantity per day
25,000 units
Avg. turnover per day
35,000 locations
Mezzanine zone
100% processing
Upon entry and departure