Ameria Russ

Moscow, Russia
Food and beverage manufacturing
Ameria Russ Company is truly called the largest among those engaged in distribution of grocery and confectionary foods of major European brands. Ameria Russ was established in 1993 and since then constantly expanding its area of activity, increases its range of products and improves operating conditions for their clients. Today Ameria Russ is one of the main suppliers of groceries and confectionary products in the Russian market, however the geography of its activities covers both far and near abroad. Ameria Russ adjusts supply situation in Germany as well as in the United States. All kinds of pasta, cereals, preserved food products, fat-and-oil products, biscuits and chocolate — these and many more are in stock of Ameria Russ.

General info

15,000 sq. m
Warehouse area
1,662 SKUs
5 reachstackers

The list of services rendered