Slavtrans Service

Moscow oblast
Meat products
Slavtrans-Service is one of the leading companies in the Moscow region providing a wide spectrum of warehouse logistics services.

Transport-warehouse logistics; delivery of farm and fish products. Loading of food products requiring refrigerated transport (meat, poultry, dairy, fruit, vegetables etc.) from Siberia and Far East regions, as well as Murmansk, Black Sea and Caspian regions.
Refrigerated and low-temperature storage of farm and fish products.

Main warehouse characteristics:

  • 40,000 tons
  • 10 freezing rooms with automatic high-rise mobile racks for storing pallets
  • Jungheinrich reachstackers
  • Additional space for rack storage
  • Nomenclature: pallets with frozen or refrigerated fish, seafood
  • Receiving: pallets, shipping: pallets

General info

Warehouse type: 3PL
Storage type: Mobile racks
Machinery type:
40,000 tons
10 10
Freezing and refrigerator rooms

Equipment for warehouses, port and terminal