Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company

Nakhodka, Far-East of Russia
Container terminals
LLC "Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company" - a terminal specializing in handling containers, general cargo and vehicles operating on the territory of East Port (Peninsula, Wrangell, Nakhodka). The terminal is owned by Global Ports Investments Plc and APM terminals.

General info

1.16 million TEU
Storage capacity
89 Ha
Total area
2,850 outlets
Ref-area capacity
1,058 m
Total berth length
550 000 TEU
Год внедрения:


LLC "Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company" operates a terminal specializing in the transportation of containers, general cargo and vehicles. It is located on the territory of East Port (Wrangell Peninsula, Nakhodka). The terminal is owned by Global Ports Investments Plc (included in the group of companies "N-Trans"), which owns 75% of the company, with the other 25% owned by port operator DPW. One of the main requirements for a better container terminal was to enable real-time record-keeping and warehouse operations management, cargo tracking from vessel to terminal, to load planning at the rail work front, as well as planning the arrival of and loading/unloading of specialized container trucks. The terminal also required management and record-keeping of customs operations, including integration with the screening system.

Features introduction

The project was implemented in 18 months and completed by June 2009, with the system going live through a stage-by-stage approach. The deployment plan and schedule designed by Solvo Ltd. ideally suited the needs of VSC's terminal. The technology used by Solvo enabled the system to go live without halting terminal operations. In this way, any time losses that might have potentially resulted from a terminal shutdown were reduced to zero.


VSC’s choice consisted of some Russian-based as well as foreign candidates. Among some of the requirements was the availability of a Russian-localized interface, the ability to perform system deployment by Russian-speaking engineers and the availability of a training program for terminal personnel. Solvo.CTMS was selected as the winner since it fully met all of the requirements. VSC decided to integrate it with their proprietary system for automated process control, named Container, which was dedicated to handling all in-terminal processes and used for interacting with other parties of the transportation process.


Solvo.TOS enables VSC to optimize technological processes, reduce costs, accelerate container turnover, streamline equipment usage, etc. In addition, the Solvo.CTMS solution increased accuracy of data regarding cargo movement within the terminal and optimize the vessel, rail and road transport operations. By and large, this technological upgrade at the VSC terminal resulted in yet another competitive advantage for the Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company.

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