Fabrika N.K. Krupskoy

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Food and beverage manufacturing
In 2009, the Krupskaya Confectionary Factory decided to rent warehouses and affiliate offices at the А-class warehousing complex, AKM Logistics in Shushary, Saint Petersburg, to optimize its operations.
At the beginning of 2009, Krupskaya's total warehousing space comprised 6,300 sq. m and since July 2009 it increased to 12,000 sq. m. This expansion was needed to cope with the factory's turnover growth as a result of the acquisition of such well-known confectionary brands as Azart and Pekar. According to the factory's CEOs, efficient logistics processes are one of the key factors to operating a successful business, which is precisely why Solvo.WMS was selected for their new warehouse.