Container Terminal Illichivsk

Iliychevsk, Ukraine
Container terminals
Sea Commercial Port of Illichivsk is a modern international highly mechanized multipurpose trans­port junction specialized in handling of general car­goes, dry and liquid bulk cargoes.

Sea Commercial Port of lllichivsk occupies a key position in the interfaces of main transport ways between Europe and Asia, North and South, Central and Eastern Europe, industrially developed regions of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and the shipping routes running across the Mediterranean Sea into the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Through the port of Illichivsk Ukraine maintains its international relations with more than 100 coun­tries of the world.

The port of Illichivsk, one of the largest ports of Ukraine is situated on the banks of Sukhoy estuary, 12 miles to the South-West from Odessa. Coordinates: Latitude - 46°19' North, Longitude -30°41' East.

The port location in a deep-water estuary joined with the sea through an access channel creates a natural protection of the harborage against waves and currents, as well as it is favorable to all-year nav­igation. When ice appears, the port tugboats carry out the pilotage.

Sufficient depths of water accesses and inside the harborage, absence of complicated access canals, narrow nesses and ducts consent to large-capacity vessels navigation.

Temperature, wind and waves conditions create comfortable conditions for reception of vessels.

The well-developed infrastructure ties with con­tiguous modes of transport, first of all with rail and motor transport, and the proximity to the main expressway of the country - the motorway Kiev-Odessa - allows an effective delivery of goods.

The Port provides full twelve-month twenty-four-hours stevedore service.

There is a wide net of agent's and forwarding firms near and inside the Port, which collaborate with the Port in servicing of vessels and cargo owners.

The port has:
- production facilities enabling to handle over 30 million tons of cargo annually;
- quay line of 6000 m with modern berths Nr.1-29;
- storage facilities which can accommodate 1,5 million tons of different cargoes. Total open storage area -575,000 sq. m; warehouse area - 28,000 sq. m;
- navigable depths: in outer roadstead - up to 21 m; in approach channel - 16 m; at berths - 7,5 - 14 m;
- railway infrastructure - 6 rail entrances for mov­ing wagons into the port and to the berths, with more than 50 km of railway tracks equipped with appropriate handling facilities; railway front enabling to achieve wagon turnover up to 1300 wagons a day.
- motor road infrastructure with developed net­work of internal motor roads, allowing the entrance of motor transport through 5 port checkpoints;
- in-house ancillary fleet.

General info

6000 m
Quay side length
575,000 sq. m
Uncovered warehouse area
27,000 sq. m
Covered warehouse area
1,300 rail cars
Rail cars processed daily