Unified digital ecosystem Solvo.TOS was presented at MED Ports and Shipping

29 October 2021
SOLVO presented complex IT solutions for the automation of logistics of sea and dry ports, cargo terminals, railway stations at the 8th Mediterranean Ports and Shipping Exhibition and Conference.

The two-day conference program was attended by 30 world-class conference speakers, as well as 150 senior government officials, industry principals, academics, harbor and port engineers, region’s leading shippers, cargo owners, importers / exporters, shipping lines, freight forwarders, logistics and IT companies, ports, terminal operators, railway operators, equipment and services suppliers from countries throughout the Mediterranean region.
IMG_1010.JPGOn the first day of Mediterranean Ports and Shipping, the exhibitors and conference participants visited the Port of Valencia. Such excursions are of high professional interest for the SOLVO team. On one hand, this is an opportunity to have an up-to-date understanding of the activities of ports, and on the other hand, it’s a way to notice how to solve a particular company problem using automation technologies.
Visitors of the company's stand at the exhibition learned how on the basis of the Solvo.TOS system and the Solvo.SCE digital platform it was possible to implement a single digital ecosystem that would manage all business processes of the terminal and implement its communication with other participants in the supply chain.

Thus, Aurelio Martínez, Chairman of the Port Authority of Valencia; Lluís París, Commercial Manager of the Barcelona Port, and other representatives of the Barcelona Port Authority were interested in SOLVO solutions.
Arcadi España, Regional Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Infrastructures and Mobility of the Spain, is one of the speakers at the opening ceremony of the conference. He notes that the priority for Valencia today is to reduce the negative impact on the environment. One of the measures that the Port of Valencia has taken in this direction is the use of more trains for freight transport. The ports infrastructure is growing and becoming more complex day by day. All of this requires flexible automation solutions.
Meanwhile, the Solvo.TOS system allow to manage the railway, sea and automobile fronts of ports and terminals to single information space, easily integrating with other software and terminal equipment, logistics facilities and contractors.
Giovanni Migliaccio, Vice President Sales & Marketing of SOLVO Europe, introduced to the Conference attendees about all the capabilities of SOLVO systems in the presentation "A single digital ecosystem for terminal management as part of the global information environment connecting all the elements of the supply chain".

He told how the Solvo.TOS system helped to solve a variety of tasks of modern multipurpose terminals using the example of a large logistics hub in the Port of Antwerp - Antwerp Euro Terminals (AET). SOLVO solutions control and manage all processes within the terminal - from planning the loading and unloading of a ship or train, assigning tasks to employees and equipment, and ending with communication with other participants in the global supply chain.
General cargo; Ro-Ro; bulk goods (fertilizers, grain, pellets, etc.); goods packed in bags and boxes (cacao, sugar, rice); construction materials; sawn material and round timber; metals (ferrous and non-ferrous); food, including perishable food (meat products, fruits); paper (in rolls and on pallets) and pulp; metal waste, machines and, of course, containers. Giovanni Migliaccio, Vice President Sales & Marketing of SOLVO Europe, spoke at the Mediterranean Ports and Shipping conference about how the Solvo.TOS system helped to handle a wide range of very different, often non-standard cargoes, accepting and dispatching a wide variety of types of transport – ships, trains, trucks.
Flexibility, the ability to customize for the business tasks of each specific logistics facility, as well as the ability to quickly adapt to new non-standard situations - those functions necessary in today's rapidly changing world that the logistics community expects from automation systems.
The issue of logistics automation is a global trend, and many participants of Mediterranean Ports and Shipping Conference presented interesting IT solutions and equipment that the Solvo.TOS system is also capable of uniting into a single digital ecosystem.
In conclusion, one of the speakers invited the audience to simulate the process of moving the load, which required maximum synchronization and accuracy of actions. That allowed to understand in practice how modern automation technologies helped to simplify and improve the quality of a large number of logistics processes.