SOLVO Demonstrates Newest Products at IT Forum in Skolkovo

27 April 2018

On April 12, SOLVO took part at the IT- innovation forum held in Skolkovo organized by OCS Distribution, a long-time partner of SOLVO.

Over 1000 people attended the forum to discuss the industry’s latest developments and state of the market, check out the newest technologies, which will have an impact not only on their business but on the entire world.Forum participants included leading IT companies and experts ready to present new solutions, ideas and products for businesses from one side, and from the other - representatives from various industries, and potential users, looking to optimize processes for their business.

SOLVO took part and welcomed visitors to its own stand, presenting various business processes automation solutions for various applications, including:

•     AutoID;

•     Scheduling;

•     Driver registration kiosk;

•     Manager/employee work station;

•     and more.

It also demonstration new equipment in action such as:

•       Heavy-duty Panasonic FZ-A2, FZ-G2 tablets;

•       SOLVO card reader;

•       Truck visit information kiosk - developed by SOLVO on the FZ-G2 tablet;

•       Honeywell EDA70K and Zebra TC20 radio terminals;

•       Honeywell 1450g scanner.

Aleksey Gusev, head of AUTO-ID at SOLVO, presented at the forum’s business program with a report discussing various equipment for automated management of logistics processes using mobile devices, as well as other means for identifying cargo, people and equipment. Gusev also discussed the process of receiving goods at production warehouses in great detail.

SOLVO would like to thank the organizers of the event for this year’s successful forum, as well as the attendees who visited SOLVO’s stand. . 

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