SOLVO Goes to Kazakhstan for the ‘Future of Logistics’ Conference

20 April 2017

The “Future of Logistics: Warehouse Solutions” conference will again be held on April 25th at the Kazzhol Hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan.

At the conference, a presentation titled “Review of production warehouse automation technologies” will be given by WMS sales director at SOLVO, Vladimir Nikitin. 

Attendees will learn about state-of-the-art technologies tailored specifically for production warehouses. For example, IAAS, automatic cargo tracking during receiving, shuttle rack operations, cross-docking, remote warehouses, WMS-light, building network infrastructure from scratch, and Solvo.Yard. 

The given technologies will be presented based on actual examples from Solvo.WMS projects at warehouses of major producers: Sun InBev (AB InBev) - beer production, Kukhmaster - food production. 

The conference will also focus on discussing key issues related to every logistics market participant, warehouse real estate, retail etc. as well as optimization and cost-cutting. Experts will present real solutions to raise efficiency in challenging economic times as well as improve the relationship with partners and clients. 

After the business part of the program, attendees will go on a tour of the biggest warehouse complex in Astana. 

You can register for the event here