SOLVO celebrates its 26th anniversary

15 November 2021

Dear friends!

Today we celebrate the birthday of SOLVO. On November 14, our company officially turned 26 years of age.

SOLVO employs more than 200 specialists working at the creation of flexible IT solutions, the main task of which is to anticipate the needs of our clients for years to come.

Solvo.TOS and Solvo.WMS systems help ports, terminals and warehouses around the world to both effectively automate internal processes and quickly communicate in a single digital space with other participants in the global supply chain. From the very foundation of our company, we have taken a course towards an individual approach to each client and have developed a large portfolio of competencies, having implemented about 400 projects in 15 countries of the world.

Our dear clients and partners, thank you for your trust and support! It really motivates us very much to continue our work and become better for you.

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