SOLVO Wins Tender to Build

19 September 2015

SOLVO has won a tender held this year by the largest Russian intermodal container operator “TransContainer” for a project to build an “Intelligent Container Terminal” based on Solvo.TOS for rail container terminal “Kleshiha” located just outside of Novosibirsk.

The new project will be carried out under Solvo.TOS, which will be integrated with other subsystems, providing a fully-fledged process automation complex at the terminal. SOLVO will serve as the general subcontractor in creating the “Intelligent Container Terminal.”

The main goal of the “Intelligent Container Terminal” (ICT) is to increase efficiency of operations at the Kleshiha terminal. The increase in performance will be achieved due to an increase in throughput via process automation as well as the reduction in labor-intensive operations related to planning, putaway, and routing as well as a decrease in time needed to process information from forwarders, search for a container and locations based on set criteria.

The main operations will involve planning (receiving, transfer, movement of transport, container allocation), formalization, inspection, search, storage, putaway, loading/unloading, and load checking. Furthermore, work related to planning/putaway/routing, processing of information from agents, searching for containers and locations is reduced to zero.