SOLVO Launching a Free WMS-Seminar Series across Russia

26 August 2015

SOLVO invites you to take part in 4 unique and free-to-attend WMS (Warehouse management system) seminars in Novosibirsk, Samara, Krasnodar, and Vladivostok.

More details and registration (Russian)

Market stagnation/downturn is not a reason to save on process automation. Companies who persevere are those that are able to adjust and adapt their warehouse logistics processes to new realities, new conditions and new customers.

This is why SOLVO, the leader on the management system automation market, will present you with real answers to your questions as well as industry-specific WMS solutions with a timely analysis of all risks.

Detailed seminar program (Russian)

Who should attend: The seminar is geared towards warehouse logistics specialists (from logistics directors to head warehouse engineers), but will also be useful and interesting for top-management and IT specialists.

Duration: 10:00 - 15:00

September 10- Novosibirsk;
October 8 - Samara;
October 22