Modern Warehouse Management Systems Help Achieve Better Results

8 November 2011
With today's highly competitive dynamics and business on the warehousing market, an integrated solution is highly needed to effectively manage warehouses. Various promising management systems that are offered to customers on the dedicated software market can really enhance the performance of warehouse workers as well as reloading equipment.

Losing cargo and failing to deliver it to a customer because it has been transferred to the wrong warehousing cell is troublesome but can be avoided today by Baltika with the aid of up-to-date technologies that help manage finished products throughout the entire warehousing cycle.

The Solvo.WMS warehouse management system designed by SOLVO has the leading position on the warehousing systems market.

"The main advantage of Solvo.WMS is that it is an integrated automation system designed to control warehousing technology processes and to keep records of finished products stored at all of Baltika's warehouses," said Nikolai Bystrov, deputy head of warehousing operations at Baltika. "Before we introduced Solvo.WMS at Baltika, we had no unified warehouse management system. Instead, Excel files were used and edited manually to manage warehousing operations. Obviously, this technique was awkward and difficult to understand. Today Solvo.WMS has been deployed at all of our breweries. Solvo.WMS is configured according to our requirements, thus enabling our warehouses to operate in a unified and coordinated manner.

Solvo.WMS assigns a unique name to each warehouse item. This makes it possible to view item history from the brewery