Voice Technologies for More Efficient Operation

16 December 2010
The Omega-Avtopostavka trading and manufacturing company is one of the largest Ukranian distributors of vehicle, construction, farming and other equipment as well as spare parts and tyres. Solvo.WMS has been successfully used to manage Omega-Avtopostavka's warehouse for over two years.

To optimize pickup operations at the most busy segment of the warehouse, Omega-Avtopostavka decided to introduce a voice technology. Voxware Inc was chosen as a world-leading supplier of voice recognition systems. VoxWare offers development tools that enable customers to build up their own voice and speech recognition applications.

During the system introduction process, each employee of the warehouse "teaches" the system by recording his/her voice. In doing this, switchable voice profiles can be saved to provide for variations in the noise environment and the employee's voice features (e.g., voice changes occurring when having a cold). This ensures a highly efficient voice recognition. In addition, the warehouse management system uses buffer cells for delivering goods to the order compilation zone. Voice terminals can be carried on a belt, which enables workers to focus on picking-up operations and keep hands free for manual work.

Preliminary results of the introduction of the Voxware voice recognition technology has shown that training a warehouse worker to use the technology is easy and takes no more than a couple of hours, while the speed of order compilation has increased by up to 30% percent.