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Terminal Operating System

Solvo.TOS is an integrated and fully automated software system designed to manage container terminals, to control delivery, storage, container processing and unloading operations at the container terminal, and to manage container terminal documentation in real time.

Key Features

Solvo.TOS solution structure


    • Transparent management and control of all operations
    • Reduction of operating costs
    • Faster processing of containers
    • Optimization of equipment usage
    • Increased container terminal’s capacity
    • Prevention of container loss
    • Prevention of container theft
    • Increased personnel’s performance
    • Faster proessing of vessels, trains and trucks

      Target customers

      • Marine container terminals
      • Inland container terminals (dry ports)
      • Rail cargo terminals
      • Ro-Ro termnals and ports
      • Break-Bulk ports and terminals
      • Multi-purpose facilities

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